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Guillaume Déziel adores cultivating relationships with major decision makers in the music industry. Since obtaining his music diploma in 1994, he has carved out a niche in the realms of music recording, business law, entrepreneurship, management and publishing.

Guillaume has worked in different jobs as an audio technician, notably for TVA (Quebecor Media) and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s French radio. This short stint in the “container” world brought him to jump the fence to the « content » side, while he assured press relations and artist promotions by student medias at Audiogram, in 1999-2000. Subsequently, Guillaume founded his own company by handling PR between labels and student medias. During this period, he was also the manager for Tomas Jensen.

But as life sometimes throws unexpected surprises one’s way, Eworldmusic invited Guillaume to enter into the unlikely realm of Internet and music in 2002. He has since collaborated on various projects, including the establishment of the “Corrida.ca Contest” and the online discovery site for new albums, “Postedecoute.ca”. It is thus how he deepened the domain of interactive marketing in music ⎯ by working with 171 Quebec labels and distributors such as Distribution Select, Distribution Exclusive DEP, Distribution Fusion III and LOCAL Distribution, as well as with Internet Service Providers (ISP) such as Bell Canada Sympatico / MSN, Telus and Videotron.

He has also worked as Director of Business Development, Acquisition and Content Distribution in the French market for Bell Mobility from 2006 to 2007. Rich with this experience, Guillaume shares his highly specialized knowledge with his peers in the music industry.

On the social implication side, between 2004 and 2009, Guillaume chaired on the “Creation Etc.” administration board, the organization behind the “Vue sur la Relève” festival. He has also chaired on the Administrative Board of SOPREF (today included in SPACQ). He sometimes judges on Musicaction’s artistic selection committee, at the finals of the competition “Ma Première Place des Arts”, as well as “Cegep en Spectacle”. Guillaume adores being at the forefront of the upcoming music generation… as much as Interactive Marketing speaker at “École du Showbusiness” and at “Musitechnic” school, as judging in various festival contests. Guillaume has also taught a course in the business of the music industry at Recording Arts Canada (RAC).

Guillaume is without doubt the biggest defender of free music in Quebec. In his eyes, free music helps establish the branding of the artist and consequently helps sell the artist’s products. For him, recorded music is a loss leader to sell other products or services on which there exists a real means of control. Morever, the successful results speak for themselves in marketing the group “Misteur Valaire”.

Today Guillaume is exploring new ways of marketing music.  If you bump into him during one of the ADISQ, RIDEAU, SXSW or MIDEM conventions, don’t hesitate to say “Hello”!


3 commentaires sur “About Guillaume Déziel

  1. You probably don’t remember me, I was the girl at the Reeperbahnfestival storing the bags and coats…
    I recently stumbled upon this site when looking for some Misteur Valaire. I really enjoy them now, and that’s why I’m writing, to thank you for giving me the CD and thus introducing me to them! =)


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