The 15 Typical Records of Misteur Valaire

The 15 Typical Records of Misteur Valaire

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Last year, approximately 32,000 of Misteur Valaire’s Golden Bombay album copies were either downloaded on the Internet or physically sold in stores and at concerts. For the sake of simplicity, let’s reduce this 32,000 down to a nice, small number that’s easy to digest, say 12 copies, assuming that 1 copy represents approximately 2,700 actual copies.

This time round, some new data has been added: the illicit consumption of the album through P2P or Torrent file sharing, as compiled by Music Metric. Even though this type of consumption represents 35% of requests for Golden Bombay, it’s possible that Music Metric hasn’t identified the full amount of this type of consumption. Thus, this number is on the conservative side.

Here’s the request for Golden Bombay now represented as 15 typical copies more than 21 months after its release in May 2010:

15 typicals albums demand for Misteur-Valaire
  • Torrent / P2P (35%)
  • Pay What You Want @ $0.00 (25%)
  • Pay What You Want @ $6.67 paid on average (13%)
  • iTunes, etc. (7%)
  • Physical sales (20%)

Note that 60% of requests choose not to pay (through Torrent, P2P or on Misteur Valaire’s Pay What You Want platform), while 40% of requests are carried out through on-line payment transactions, in-store sales or at the table during concerts.


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